Top 10 Things to Do in Bhutan

Sandwiched between the two of the world’s most densely populated nations (India and China). A vacation to Bhutan is a cherished journey for relaxation. The mystic Himalayas,the colorful rivers and the sacred monasteries.Bhutan is the only Himalayan Buddhist state.
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Here’s the list of Top 10 Things to Do in Bhutan:

1.) Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Paro

Takstang Monastery literally meaning Tiger Nest is one of the most famous monastery’s in Bhutan. This temple is a must see and it clings to the side of a mountain. It is about a 20-minute drive outside of Paro and the best hike is about 2 hours long in order to see the best view.

2.) Tashichho Dzong (Thimpu Dzong), Thimphu

Tashichho dzong was originally a monastery built at the edge of Thimphu. After being a religious center for several centuries the federal government took it over in 1952. Today this beautiful building is the current seat of the government of Bhutan.

3.) Trekking

Bhutan is a popular place for trekking, though the walks are generally quite tough as there are no places to stay or eat in the higher regions. Autumn and spring are the best seasons for undertaking a trek. In the summer, the paths are too muddy, while in winter they are snow covered.But, all efforts and discomforts are more than compensated for by the stunning scenery and extremely friendly and hospitable people that are met along the way.

4.) Burning Lake, Bumthang

Enjoy a visit to the sacred site of Burning Lake, a calm, wider part of the narrow Tang Chu river stream. Brave the downhill hike to the water, where you can take in the spiritual atmosphere and scenic forest surroundings. Don’t get too close to the ledge, as it is dangerous to fall in due to the river’s strong rapids.

5.)Phobjikha Valley

Nature comes alive in Phobjikha Valley, a vast bowl-shaped glacial valley on the edge of the Black Mountain National Park. This conservation area is well-known for black-necked cranes, who roost in dwarf bamboo groves in this valley. You can observe them from an indoor deck with telescopes. Yak, sambar deer, Himalayan serow, and foxes are among the wildlife sheltered by blue pine forests.

6.) Haa Summer Festival

This lively festival, showcasing the nomadic lifestyle of the people in Bhutan, as well as honoring their religion, traditional songs, dances, and music. It’s a display of living culture in an area that only recently began accepting outside visitors.

7.)Dochula Pass, Thimphu

Take in the panoramic view of the snow-covered Himalayan mountains at Dochula Pass. The pass includes many interesting attractions, including 108 memorial stupas, a botanical park popular for its rhododendron garden, and a monastery. The entire site rests surrounded by cypress tree forests.

8.)Black-necked Crane Festival

This celebration of the arrival of Bhutan’s famous colony of black-necked cranes takes place in Phobjikha Village every November. It’s an event which not only celebrates the birds return to their nesting place, but is aimed at the conservation of these rare species. The birds are welcomed home with costumed and masked dances representing the cranes and dramatic performances.

9.)Explore the Himalayas

Thimphu, perched at the Eastern Himalayas is the best place to dive deep into the Himalayan history.If painting fascinates you, be at the Zorig Chusum, the school where students are taught about thirteen traditional art and crafts of Bhutan. Roll the giant, bright-colored prayer wheels  to pay homage to Lord Buddha, as the Buddhist chants  fills the air.

10.)The peppery taste of Bhutan

Thimphu, the capital city has various Chinese restaurants, but if you want to get the real taste to Bhutan, you must try out the national dish of ema dashti. Relish mushroom dashti, dried beef, steaming hot red rice, fried rice, buckwheat pancakes and chillies in wooden bowls with wooden ladles to enjoy the pleasant, chilly weather of Thimphu.
Hence, a tour to Bhutan is an escapade far from the maddening crowds, rejuvenating natural bliss.


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